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I'm a California girl in my twenties (I hesitate to give my real age due to the fact that it is likely to change more than this profile). I seem to be continuously stuck in school. Up until recently, I was a Classics (Greek and Latin) graduate student at a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. Before that, I attended both UCLA and USC, where I obtained my BA. I quit grad school because I wanted more stability and better options than a job teaching would allow. Now I've been accepted into Loma Linda University for a two-year allied health program. Won't say what because it's a relatively small, competitive program, and someone could easily connect the dots between good ol' Atty and my Bruce Wayne persona.

Occasionally I post pictures of my kitten, Hektor, who is a Blue Point Persian (a.k.a. Himalayan). I also play video games, write, read, and review fan fiction (more on that in "Fandom" below).

My journal is mostly friends locked, but I love meeting new people and will readily add new friends. If you do want to be friends, however, you should leave a comment, send me an email, or say something letting me know why you want to friend me (maybe we share a common interest, maybe you just find me strange and want to stare, whatever). We can get to know each other better that way. I don't do anything like routine flist cuts or nasty stuff like that.

I write fanfiction, and have been for a good number of years. I'm not a very prolific writer, though, as you can probably tell. I have just about everything I've ever posted online archived at my website, minus a few odds and ends still floating around. Although I find myself occasionally working with other fandoms, Star Wars continues to be my home fandom, and I will always end up back there. Currently, I'm an editor at the TF.N archive, but, if you wish to speak to me about it, please use PM (LJ or JC) or email.

Some of my favorite characters, pairings, and genres are Anakin/Padme (my original 'ship), non-Sue OC fics, gen Luke/Vader, Kotor, and pretty much anything epic involving the Big Three or the Skywalker family. Other favs include Link/Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, Sarah, Kyle, and John fics from The Terminator (gen and het), and Indy, Mutt, and Marion from Indiana Jones. Any other fandoms listed in my Interests I enjoy and will read friends posts on them. I just don't work directly in them.

Sometimes I make mood themes. You can find them all tagged. Mostly it's based on what I personally wanted, but I took requests at one point. I'm not open to requests anymore, though. You are welcome to suggest something, especially if it's something we'd both might be interested in having.

I've also capped the entirety of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, if you've come here looking for that.

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